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Teach You To Train Your Dog
Published by jack Richardson in Obedience · 23 July 2021

Aggression And How To Stop This Behavior

Why It is Bad and How to Stop This Behavior

It has been my experience, most people don't recognize aggression in their own    dogs, particularly small to medium sized dogs.
When walking your dog on a leash, if your dog pulls on the leash he is 'leading' you and therefore sees you as a weak member of your 'pack'.
Although this is not necessarily an aggressive behavior, it can quickly become aggressive. This is because your dog feels he needs to protect you. He becomes the protector of the 'pack' and will bark aggressively at another dog who is walking by. Your dog will do this because he 'needs' to protect his pack. It seems most people feel he 'just wants to play', he does not.

Dogs don't greet each  other face to face like humans do when greeting another human.  Dog training is more than just teaching your dog, it is establishing yourself as a leader in your dog’s mind. A well trained dog is one which will receive more freedom, exercise, and affection throughout it's life. With a well trained dog you will be happy and you can trust your dog will respond when absolutely necessary.

Side note:   It is equally important to understand why you need to train your dog.
As well as developing a well controlled and happy dog, the only way you can protect your dog from harm is have him respond to commands when given. Think about it, if your dog chases a cat, as they are prone to do, and runs into the street...he could get hurt.

The only way to protect your dog from harm is through proper training.   Large dogs are perceived to be aggressive for no reason other than their physical   size. Small dogs are not perceived to be aggressive mainly because of their size.  Fact is, larger dogs for the most part are less aggressive than small dogs. I am sure there is some data on this...somewhere. But take a walk someplace where you will see someone walking their dog.

You will see aggression in dogs who are untrained in basic obedience.

This is an example of a well trained large dog walking with a  little girl...notice the loose leash. Anytime you are walking your dog
this is how the leash should be...loose, Never have a tight leash.

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Three Biggest Mistakes Owners Make
  1. Owners and Trainers alike treat dogs like Humans!
  2. Dog owner’s, especially small dog owners think their dogs DON'T NEED training  
  3. They Hire a Trainer
You are the best person to train your dog. They need to obey your commands because you told them to, There will be no consistency with the way you give commands if they learn it from someone else.
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